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On the platform, we have gathered the best career consultants and coaches from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Career consultants will help you determine the direction of your career, understand your interests and learn how to build your future easily, interestingly, and reliably.

On our platform, you will deal with the start in the profession, get support during employment, increase your demand in the labor market in the future, and coach teens work with the choice of directions in training, with professional self-determination (career guidance ), retraining, with an emerging profession and many others.

Our mission is to help IT Juniors, teens and middle managers find their dream jobs or internships quickly and easily. Do you want to join our career consultants and coaches team?

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It’s a puzzle! Trying to choose the right A-Levels or degree or going straight to work. Huge decisions that will affect your life and we have many opportunities for teenagers who want to get a summer internship, we provide strong support for IT Juniors and everyone who needs a piece of advice on how to build a successful carrier! is a next-gen international job and employee search platform

This is a Ukrainian startup whose mission is to help Ukrainians get jobs in Romania and other European countries. The platform combines a website and a smartphone application, which is already used by thousands of people.

With, a job seeker can easily find the right vacancy and quickly get full information about it. And the employer can easily place a job ad in a couple of minutes.

At the project, we have assembled a team of the best specialists in the field of career counseling. These are real professionals with extensive experience who will help you competently write a resume or cover letter, as well as advise the applicant on any issue.

Each student or graduate of the school, with the support of a professional teenage coach and tutor, will create their first resume, improve their soft skills and be able to practice as an intern in an international company.

Aspiring IT professionals (IT Juniors) can consult with our leading IT consultant, get a letter of recommendation and find the perfect first company.

Career advice will also be useful to middle managers, to anyone who wants to increase their salary or completely change their field of activity.

Our platform was created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians to support each other in difficult times away from home.